Below the Surface – The Riders

Victor Fernandez

Local rider to Almeria, Spain, Victor has been one of the best wave windsurfers in the world for many years.  The 29 year old is seen as a dominant force both in the air and on the waves, and was one of the first riders to perfect one of windsurfing’s most hardcore moves; the double forward.  On the beach the Spaniard is friendly and quiet, while on the water his explosive sailing turns heads.  Career highlights include being the 2010 PWA Wave World Champion and 2012 PWA Vice-World Champion.  Victor recently opened his own business in Almeria; the Victor Fernandez Windsurf Center.


Gollito Estredo

At the age of 24, Gollito already has 5 PWA Freestyle World Titles under his belt.  The Venezuelan’s focus and radical style on a windsurf board is proven to be difficult to beat.  Gollito grew up on Isla Margarita in a poor family, and was taught to windsurf by his older brother.  Training hard on his home beach of El Yaque, Gollito has shared much of his success with his family.   Lately he moved to Adicora, on the Venezuelan mainland, and has christened it as his new training ground, so far leading to domination on the 2013 PWA World Tour.


Marcilio Browne

Marcilio Browne, known as Brawzinho, is the most impressive windsurfer to watch in starboard tack conditions.  Marcilio’s powerful style and technical skills lead him to become PWA Freestyle World Champion in 2007.  Since then he has been transferring those skills into the waves, pushing the boundaries of modern wave sailing.  His aggressive moves off the lip at windsurfing’s most famous break Ho’okipa are un-matched.  The Brazilian from Fortaleza grew up in a family of windsurfers, often sailing alongside his father and brother.  He now spends the majority of his time between his two windy homes of Maui and Brazil.

Klaas Voget

German wave rider Klaas Voget is well known as one of the world’s best windsurfers.  His experience in tough European conditions made him a strong competitor on the PWA World Tour for many years.  Epic wave 360’s and solid jumping led him to numerous top 10 finishes.  His annual travels to South Africa and Chile round him out as one of the best all around wave riders in the world.  Off the water Klaas finished his M.A. in Sport Science and spends time pursuing windsurfing projects such as organizing the PWA tour stop in Chile and the Red Bull Storm Chase.

Alessio Stillrich

The Spanish born 18 year old living in Gran Canaria is no longer an up and coming youngster.  Windsurfing since the age of 9, Alessio has made it clear that jumping is what he loves about windsurfing.  Growing up sailing on one of the windiest beaches of the world, Pozo Izquierdo, and training with the best in the world has brought Stillrich’s sailing to another level.  His love of high backloops and incredible precision on his tweaked pushloops make this motivated rider a pleasure to watch.  Clearly this youngsters high school studies are not hindering his on water performance.